Getting started with the MERIDIAN api

The Meridian API is a subscription service that enables you or an Accruent partner to integrate Meridian with other business systems. This can optimize information flows and provide valuable analytics and reporting insights into how that information is used by your teams. The API is not a software development kit (SDK) and does not require installation. You must first request a subscription to the API before you may begin using it.

Request a subscription

Before you can use any API, you must request a subscription, which can be done via the Products page and submitting a request for a Product. We will receive your subscription request and upon approval your subscription will be activated upon which you will receive a notification email. You will then be able to access your subscription keys via the 
Products page. This subscription key must be added as an authorization header in each API call that you make outside of the portal. You can also view the API documentation and try any of the endpoints directly from within the portal.

API Usage

Base URL

The Meridian API is a representational state transfer (REST) API that provides access to data resources via URL paths. To use the API, your application must make an HTTP request using the standard methods like GET, PUT, POST and DELETE and then parse the response. The response is in application/json format and is specific to your subscription and the requested resource. It cannot be used for any other purpose. The API is based on open standards—you can use any web development language to access the API.

This URL can be found in the API documentation pages in this portal. Details will be provided to you when you are accepted to the developer program. When developing your application, make it easy to change the base URL of the API calls. This will allow you to switch easily between environments.

Specific endpoints for various purposes are appended to this base structure. Each endpoint, its supported methods, and its response are described in the documentation pages of the API in this portal.

Pass your subscription key

All API calls must pass your subscription key in either a custom request header or through a query parameter similar to the following examples. Whichever technique you choose, make sure that it is easy to change the value of the subscription key. Subscription key values are different between environments and can also be regenerated by visiting your profile page in this portal.

Subscription Key AS REQUEST header
POST https://api.url
Ocp-Apim-Subscription-Key: 123456abcde
subscription key as query parameter
POST https://api.url?subscription-key=123456abcde